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Like Mother Like Daughter

Mother - Nurturer, Provider, Protector, Role Model, Caregiver

We are the product of our environment. The environment in which we are raised in greatly influences us. Being raised in an environment that lacks stability can help or hinder success, and positively and negatively impact us. Marilyn Monroe's mother was mentally ill, and did not want the burden or responsibility of being a mom. Monroe had a childhood full of instability and endured many traumatic situations.

I chose Marilyn Monroe as my topic because in the 7th grade I became fascinated with her. Like most fans I was in awe of her beauty, talent, and fame. I collected art, movies, decor, and books with Monroe in them. My mother helped me redecorate my room. My walls were painted red, all the decor was black, white, and red, and everything else was Marilyn Monroe. My mother watched the movies and read the books about Monroe with me; we soon discovered how disturbing her life really was and how mentally ill she became before her death. My mom became worried and decided that Monroe wasn't the best role model for me to look up to, and that obsession quickly ended. Today I am majoring in Psychology, and Monroe once again fascinates me. However, it is her childhood struggles and her mental health that intrigues me now. Once I began collecting information and materials about Monroe, I began to see the pattern of her being just like her mother and the great influence that her mother had on her. I began to see the difference between the influence of having a nurturing and caring mother (my mother) and having an absent, somewhat selfish mother (Monroe's mother).

My exhibit takes a closer look at the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and her mother.