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Testing of Tests, man, and goverment

From the moment of our conception to the minutes of our death (and for some even after) we are tested. Be it a pregnancy test or the call of a doctor in the middle of the night, we are tested throughout our lives. This archive is about testing and all of its forms; from rites of passage to wacky competitions, from cheating to science experiments. This archive holds many of the unusual things that have to do with testing, be it study material or stories of one's testing day. It is all there, in all of it humorous and unbelievable format.
We all have had test, be it from our days in kindergarten to our collage placement exams, we have all have had taken test of the academic sort. However, there are others that we have in common; our first steps and words are a rite of passage the world round; driving test and first days of school are test of passage in our homes and communities. No matter how one looks at it there are things that mark the passage of time throughout our lives; even if we do not remember it ourselves, or parents sure might; ones first lost tooth or maybe the nerves of that first date; it is all there for them to embarrass us about when we are their age.
I am here to document those embarrassing moments, from getting the time of an exam wrong or the governments bat bomb, it’s all there to embarrasses their respective participants for the rest of the existence of the internet—even if they would rather it disappear from the face of the earth or from space (the probe that missed Mars because someone forgot to convert).
I will look at the stupidity and wit of the mass, the head scratching and successes of government, and at the moments of rebellion and confusion in some individual personal life. It is all fair game. I will dig through the back closet of history where all the forgotten failures are stashed away to be disremembered because of shame or embarrassment; I will look through the framed documents of success to find their hidden stories; I will dig through the dustbin of my own mind to find all the moments of passage of our world and of ourselves. All this is so that I may find the hidden narratives of the world round. From the gruesome to the downright soul inspiring evaluation of charterer and deed, I shall find all that I can to tell the hidden stores of the world as I see them and even some of the well-known from a unique viewpoint.
The mistakes and repeated mistakes, the moments of inspiration and stupidity of the world will be found a placed in this Useless Archive, so that they all may be documented for future generations to learn from and laughter at; be it from your blunders or mine, we all will have the same grade in this story. The stories of our individual achievements, ‘What the F@@%’, and ‘Oh! $h*%’ moments. These stories will be here to be (most likely) forgotten themselves until some bored individual comes across them, like an old forgotten time-capsule or a long ago shelved toy, and finds their own store within this few digital pages of our collective hidden past.
So here is to you actually having burnt or shredded those old test and pictures, deleted those comments and videos, for your own sake and mercy—for I have none—and not just stuffed them away to be forgotten (as this will make myself appointed job much easier). Be it true, the masses collective alleged truths, or just a long forgotten lie, any and all test of life will be placed here; what story they make is up to individual interpretation but I will give my thoughts and narration of the forgotten past within these digital pages so that they may be here to embarrassed us all forever.

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