The Life of Audrey


A retelling of the story of Snow White with Audrey Hepburn as Snow White



By Torie Hawrysz



At the begining of this project, my goal was to create an extensive comparison between Audrey Hepburn and the Disney character, Snow White. I thought to make this comparison because of how they both symbolized innocence and purity, but after I had done enough research, I had found an even deeper story.


The Dwarves

Just like Snow White, Audrey has a few companions of her own


A Friend to the Animals

Audrey with her animal friends

The Poisoned Apple

With every tale, there is a downfall

Her Royal Followers

Since she is still reigning as fairest of them all, Audrey is definitely seen as one of Hollywood's most imitated celebrities. Her classy style is timeless and never goes out of style.