Castles Made of Sand


Beyond the obvious is the inevitable.


Sherwin Farhoudi


To be or not to be...

The following collection of items is an establishment of the known and unknown Jimi Hendrix. Through a series of emotions you experience we all can carry and take away our own narrative provided by the items collected. This archive like all others will be unique in the sense that beyond the creators implied meaning or gesture, a new life always seems to unfold; hence the idea of the "useless" side of things.

When you step away from this collection I hope it strikes a chord within that carries well beyond the presentation but well into the dreams and narrative of your own which you continue to live and write every day.

The Wife

The only girl that meant the world to Jimi, after his mothers death....the prophcey was now in place!

Jimi with Friends

Everyone who he shared the truth with, these people were the cloest to him overall, the ones he could trust his secret with, that he was in love with his guitar!

On stage

This is a presentation of Jimi and his wife on stage, caught in the act of making love.  When looking at this pictures notice how unconventional his guitar playing may seem, but then remember that what you find unconventional is what is conventionally known as love making.