The Office


          The Office! Well not exactly “The” Office, but how I see The Office. This is my archive of useless websites, pictures, video, and interviews pertaining to The Office and all of its glory. The useless archive is a new concept, but it has noteworthy meaning for the future of online archiving. In this archive I plan to show you everything you never wanted to know about The Office, but I wanted someone to know, so hey it looks like that’s you! Good luck, it’s got some pretty weird stuff in it.

          “That’s what she said!” Often quoted in the earlier seasons of the office, this is sort of what I base my archive on. So let’s break the phrase down to see why I have chosen it to base my archive upon. “That’s” is a contraction of “that is.” “That” is used in this phrase as a demonstrative pronoun with a frame of reference not yet known. “Is” is the third-person singular present tense of the verb “to be.” “What” is an interrogative word that is used as a relative pronoun in this case. “She” is a third-person singular personal pronoun which denotes a female. “Said” is a past tense of “say” and “say” means to communicate orally. I feel like Michael Scott trying to be smart. So I basically gave you a lesson in English grammar about “That’s what she said” and I pretty much wasted your time because it literally means nothing in the sense of my archive, however it puts you in a perspective. The perspective being this archive is about oddities. The Office is full of peculiar little moments (like my examination of “That’s what she said”) and I hope to bring those to light.

          This archive will also shed a light on the obsessed and strange fandom caused by such an obsessable and strange show. Yes I made up the word obsessable, but seriously it’s not a word? I’ve found many forms of art and cultural references that other people have found, including some others did not find (guess that includes me in the obsessed and strange category). This archive has everything a geek would enjoy; A combination of The Office and Star Wars, A JavaScript module that can determine if a sentence can be replied to with “That’s what she said,” and for all of you interested in Philosophy, you can pick up a copy of Philosophy and The Office. This archive isn’t just a random bunch of links or pictures, it has a true meaning. That true meaning coming back to some of the words I’ve used so far: Odd, Strange, weird, and peculiar. The Office to me is all of those, and I want you to see that from every perspective.


Shane Williamson


That Reminds Me

          In my day to day life I find that I sometimes think of The Office, it’s not intentional, but my mind wonders. “That reminds me of an episode of The Office” I say to myself or to my friends who love The Office. It’s really quite an obsession I’ve had for a couple of months. It got to the point where I bought a motivational The Office poster for my bedroom.

          My thoughts just linger on about The Office and “That’s what she said” becomes a part of your lifestyle. You grow to love these characters and you care that their feelings are hurt on an episode. It’s not pathetic to feel sympathy for a fact character, if it’s a real life situation they are put into. This brings me to the true meaning of this section of my archive. Everything in life can be found to remind me of The Office. Everything.

So You Like The Office...Well So Do They

          As you may know by now I am a bit obsessed with The Office, but it’s a healthy obsession. I don’t go around photoshopping characters from the show into weird Star Wars like pictures, I don’t write songs about everyone’s favorite receptionist, and I definitely do not create Halloween masks out of the faces of the characters of The Office!

          As you will see in this section of the archive other people do these things. These are the highly obsessed, clearly motivated people who probably have a day job and at night they get bored easily and create art based on their favorite TV show; it’s either they’re bored, or they’re super crazy obsessed, I’ll let you decide. Or not.

Pop Culture

          The Office is full of references to pop culture. If you are a fan of Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, or Saturday Night Live then this is the section for you. I have included a video that I made of my favorite pop culture references in the show and it shows a good deal of different types of references. There are movie, TV, and song references and they are all pretty funny. I would like to point out that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is mentioned in this page so anyone afraid of Lord Voldamort best not witness this video. Crap I said his name, please don’t kill me Voldy.

Literature of Sorts

          As it appears The Office is a comedy mockumentary. It basically follows an office full of strange people. For some reason people find other meanings in this show and seem to write about them (I guess I fall into this category too ha). Well it seems that there are some who find scholar worthy information based on the show. In this section I will show their work and let me tell you they have some strange concepts.

That's What She Said

This section is devoted to all of the random articles, pictures, and videos I have found and didn't know where to put them.