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How to Use this Site

This page offers some basic help for using the class site.
Collections. This tab will allow you to post your collected work.
1.Before you collect items, make a collection. To do so, click on
Add a collection
Give the collection a name (i.e., I chose "Dylan"), a description, and you as collector (so you get credit!).
Make it public.

2. Add items to your collection. Go to the Items tab.
Click Add an item.

Fill out any information that seems needed. What you fill out will help you and others locate later.
If you are uploading an image or other file, click on the left side Files.
You can then browse for the file on your computer.
After you upload, click Collections on the left side. Find your collection, and associate it with the file.
Fill out keywords for your image or upload in the Tags section. Tags are words you want to associate with your file. If a user searches that tag, then your file will be found. Whenever you add an item, make sure you click PUBLIC at the top of the right side of the edit page.
If you want, make your item a FEATURED item (next to Public) and it will show up as such on the front page.

How to Embed Video and Sound
You will likely want to add videos and maybe sound that you have found on YouTube and elsewhere. To embed video, find the video you want on YouTube.
Go to Share.
Click Embed.
In Omeka, go to the description box for the item you are adding. Click HTML. A larger window will open.
Copy the code and paste it into that larger window. Click update.
When you click Embed at YouTube,make sure you uncheck the old embed code box.
You need the code that starts with iframe.

The same process applies for sound. If you are embedded sound from a site that allows it, you copy the iframe code and paste in the description box.

How to Make an Exhibit

The exhibit will be where you arrange and store all of your collected material.

Omeka provides a help page here.

Your status in this archive is ADMIN. This means that you can edit and delete others' work. Be very careful to only edit your own work. Name your collections and exhibits with unique identifiers so as to avoid confusion (i.e., don't use MY COLLECTION as a name).

We are in a collaborative work space, so please respect each others' work.