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- 00:03. Dylan's voice begins before we see him. Indeed, Dylan's presence is always in question. When he crashed his motorcycle in 1966, he vanished for some time. When he reappeared for Nashville Skyline, his voice had changed, become country,…

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There is no shortage of Dylan smoking pictures. The point of the image is unambigious: F you. I don't care. Cool. The canonical line from Marlon Brando in The Wild One. What are you rebelling against? "Watchya got?" This one is slighlty…

Epigraph to The Rhetoric of Cool. It had to replace my Dylan quote.

The epigraph for my first book was going to be: Early one morning The sun was shining I was laying in bed I was wondering if she changed at all If her hair was still red My publisher made me get copyright clearance. The cost was too expensive. I…

Dylan plays the Rolling Stones in 1963 signing a Rice Crispies jingle.


Dylan looks through a window at food. Food is a pattern throughout Dylan's work.

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The magazine shows a blond bombshell.