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The following items that you will see are a collection of pictures, videos, websites, articles, and audio all pertaining to Batman (even if, at the beginning, this might not seem explicitly so). They come to create what we have been working towards…

Interview with the owner of Heroes Realm (comics, collectibles, and games):

2012-09-15 First Joker Drawing.jpg
Image of the first ever 1940 Joker drawing

2012-11-27 diy batman tumbler.jpg
Man builds a Batman Tumbler

2012-11-27 Batman suite.jpg
Batman Suite in Taiwan: $50 for 3 Hours of Batman Heaven

Psychology taught via Batman

Complete guide to the vigilantes, villians, jokers, and heroes of Gotham city

"The Dark Knight of the Soul", Psychology via Batman

Actor/Director Rob Thomson took to the mean streets of Cambridge, UK as Batman to show off his true Dark Knight side. This quirky stunt quickly led him to becoming a YouTube and local sensation.

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