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Calvin and Hobbes


Syndicated daily comic strip (1985–1995) written and illustrated by Bill Watterson.

We were all this kid once.


Jarrod Thacker

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A comic that draws inspiration from the more bittersweet strips.

Calvin and Jobs
Another reality where Steve Jobs (yeah, the Apple one), swaps places with Hobbes.

An interview with Bill Watterson's mother.

Cirque du Soliel snowmen
Cirque du Soleil students build Calvin and Hobbes-esque snowmen during a winter snowfall.

A re-imagination of Calvin's ill-fated snowmen.

Unofficial musings
An article detailing an unofficial book concerning Calvin and Hobbes and its creator, and an offer for a free viewing of a chapter.

This page originally contained a Youtube video that was a C&H and Fight Club conglomeration. Unfortunately the video is lost to time, as the owner took the video down.

Apparently this combination is not a new concept.

Rumors swirl concerning a C&H movie.

Just some C&H street art.

I actually had the image that this is derived from as my work computer background, for like, a few months.

Musings on another Artist
Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, reviews biography of fellow comic artist, Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame.
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