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Collection of anything and everything Batman, from the movies to the comics and everything in between, and some items that couldn't be classified in any of those.


Nicole Flatgard

Collection Items

Batman Light Art
Batman logo made from some form of sparklers.

Batman parody to "Call Me Maybe"

Russian Goverment Building Batman Logo
Russian government building sporting a Batman logo on the floor.

Example of Batman fanfiction; Alive or Dead by Jason Todd

Batman original story remix

Batman Logo Equation
Batman Logo graphed out in equation form

Painted Batman Converse
mother paints her sons converse with batman images

Batman Fans Cause Rotten Tomatoes to Shut Down Comments
Batman fans' comments causes administrators of movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, to disable the comments feature after they threatened to "beat" one critique "into a coma".

Batman Cereal
22-Year old Batman Cereal

Rare photos featured in LIFE 1966 issue of Batman television show
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