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The Simpsons

Simpsons in real world.jpg

Contributors: Will Hieronymus

The Anachronistic Anarchist


A collection of some diverse uses of steam punk in media to show how anachronistic qualities move through time making a comment on how far we have…

Contributors: Zach Settles

Show Me Clouds


This is a collection about clouds and all the useless things they make us see and feel.

Contributors: Caitlin Jakubowski

Blonde Bombshell


Collection of anything and everything Marilyn Monroe.

Contributors: Alex Thompson

World Tests...What?


Unusual tests, test materials, test study materials, and participants' actions before and after said test from around the world. Test can be academic,…

Contributors: Breanna Jones

The Office


A Collection of oddities all related to The Office

Contributors: Shane Williamson

Castles Made Of Sand


Musicians who didn't live past 27. Mainly Jimi Hendrix.

Contributors: Sherwin Farhoudi

Audrey Hepburn vs. Snow White


Calvin and Hobbes


Syndicated daily comic strip (1985–1995) written and illustrated by Bill Watterson.

We were all this kid once.

Contributors: Jarrod Thacker


2012-09-15 First Joker Drawing.jpg

Collection of anything and everything Batman, from the movies to the comics and everything in between, and some items that couldn't be classified in…

Contributors: Nicole Flatgard