Audrey Hepburn vs. Snow White

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Audrey Hepburn vs. Snow White



Torie Hawrysz

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A dog just wouldn't cut it
Audrey hepburn with her pet deer, Pippin

A user describes Audrey's version of "moon river" as easy to sing along to. It was especially written for Audrey's limited range.

The similarities are striking!
Natalie Portman's portrait is mixed with Audrey Hepburn's portrait

Everyone wants to be like her
Anne Hathaway posing as Audrey Hepburn

Its not all work and no play
Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire goofing off on the set of a movie.

Audrey and Grace Kelly
Audrey Hepburn with Grace Kelly backstage at the oscars

Jennifer as Audrey
Jennifer Love Hewitt posing as Audrey Hepburn

They even made her into a doll
Audrey Hepburn from "how to steal a million" doll

A very wise woman
Audrey Hepburn quote

An article about the legal struggles between a London Hospital and Walt Disney about the making of a live action version of Peter Pan. Audrey Hepburn would had starred as Peter Pan and Laurence Olivier would have starred as Captain Hook
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